Ashtabula County
Children Services 


It takes patience to be a parent.

That’s something you already know. But as for becoming a foster parent, we want to make sure you know the full story.




We appreciate your interest in using your parental expertise to help another child make out in life.


Now, about your experience as a parent and the skills they have already provided you; want to hear something funny? By law, we have to put you in the same ‘parent training’ classes as new parents, for the same amount of time. There are 36 hours total of mandated instruction time.


But here’s the good news: its up to us how best to use that time to train. While you’ll find a good deal of the instruction illuminating and useful for yourself, we try to create opportunities for you to impart some of your proven, practical, and very valuable parental knowledge on first-time parents-in-training. Yes, you can help even more kids find a family by helping new parents find their footing.


After training, your case worker will conduct a home study, interviewing you and any members of your family also living in the home, and your house will receive a safety inspection.

We appreciate your pursuing the idea of fostering a child. Feel free to investigate some of the resources on this page, and once you feel ready to contact us, just click the button below. Or call the number above.

A brief look at the challenges and the rewards at different stages of a child's development.

"9 Misperceptions about Foster Parenting"

Ray Deck put together this really helpful video. Don‘t forget to check out that super poster on the wall behind him.

"Phill Our Home"

Subscribe to this series from the Phillips family. They integrate foster kids with their own biological kids. Reality TV should be this good. Their You Tube channel is always updated and they answer questions regularly.

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