It’s not enough to be a good person.

You’ve got to be a patient one.

The challenges and the rewards.

"9 Misperceptions about Foster Parenting"

Ray Deck put together this really helpful video. Don‘t forget to check out that super poster on the wall behind him.

"Phill Our Home"

Subscribe to this series from the Phillips family. They integrate foster kids with their own biological kids. Reality TV should be this good. Their You Tube channel is always updated and they answer questions regularly.

Your desire to foster a child is commendable. We need more like you. The kids need more like you.


It may have taken quite a bit of introspection for you to arrive at this point. It will take a good deal of work for you to continue on successfully through to having that young one placed in your care. Like you, we only want what’s best for a child. So we make sure every foster parent is as prepared as can be.


Your case worker will conduct a home study, interviewing you and any members of your family also living in the home. Your house will receive a safety inspection, and—to meet all state requirements—a background check and drug screening will be performed.


You will attend 36 hours worth of training over a wide spectrum of parenting subjects. It’s rigorous training, but will provide you with the tools and the confidence to take on this important responsibility of raising a child. During that time, you will come to really know your caseworker, and your caseworker, you.


Once you complete training and receive your certification, you may have to wait a few months before a child comes to stay with you. It is very, very important that you and the child fit well together, so it is very, very important that your caseworker identifies the very best match possible.


You can find out where to begin by contacting your county’s children services agency (just click on the blue button below to find your local agency).